Martin and Ines old school wedding in Munich

Martin and Ines wanted a somewhat old-school wedding in Munich. They also wanted some alternative pictures to go with their wedding. They were married in the Sankt Lucas Church next to the Isar in Munich. It was one of the largest churches I have been in apart from the wedding I shot at Tegernsee, there the church was somewhat larger.

After the ceremony we walked through the park towards Villa Stuck were the reception was held. We also were given guided tours of the villa which was a nice change to the normal wedding procedure. After this we hopped on a classic bus which took us out into the sticks where the evening dinner and party was to be held. The building was actually used by the tram club of Munich as their official meeting point. It was a quaint old building and suited the overall wedding theme very well.

Dinner and speeches were held and then the party began, at which point I had to leave. Martin and Ines were a fantastic, young couple who loved to be photographed and really put in an effort when it came to the portrait pictures. I wish them a long and successful marriage.
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  1. Linda Brady

    Very picturesque the wedding setup, you’ve done a marvellous job capturing the sense of love, Joy and fun in these photographs. I love the shadowy pictures, and what a fab idea it was to have bubbles blown on the big day.

    • patrickfrost

      thank you so much Linda, it is always nice to receive feedback for my work.

  2. SThomas

    Your photographs are so beautiful. I love the atmosphere of it being both rustic yet magical with both the natural and twinkling string lights. I really like the non-traditional aspect of these photos. You’ve managed to reflect the personalities of the couple and create something very unique, from the fun shots on the path to the groom’s shoes. And the grandness of the church is simply breathtaking.

    • patrickfrost

      hey Thomas, thanks for your comments really kind of you.

  3. Tabitha Elkins

    Sehr schöne Fotos. Ich liebe die bunte Farben und tolle Energie. Die kleine lustige Details (wie die Turnschuhe des Bräutigams) sind unvergesslich! Die schwarz-weiß Fotos sind Klasse- Romantik Pur!

  4. patrickfrost

    vielen dank Tabitha, es freut mich das die bilder ihr gefallt.

  5. Mary

    Love the pictures! They are so bright and colorful. Especially the ones inside the church. If I have my wedding there will you be my photographer? lol

  6. patrickfrost

    of course Mary, just get in contact and we can work out your wedding photography plans 😉

  7. Josh Robbins

    This caught my eye because of the starburst. I like photos that more or less communicate a story and this one talks about the excitement of new love. The kiss is magical and suggests an exciting and love filled future. Very nice shot.


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