Jenny and Basti’s Nymphenberg and Pendlinghaus Wedding

Jenny and Basti contacted me back in March regarding their wedding. They were a great couple, a mix of German and English who had a love of cooking and hiking. Their plan was to get married at the “Standesamt” at the Nymphenberg Schloss in Munich and then head to the monopterus in the gardens for the reception. The Nymphenberg standesamt was beautiful as you would expect and not as busy as the standesamt at Mandelstrasse in Munich. There were around 50 guests at the ceremony which was very relaxed. What was even more beautiful was the moment when they both read to each other, both could not hold back the tears and it was a very special touch to the wedding.

We then headed into the gardens where i took some portrait pictures of the newly married couple and also some landscape pictures of the gardens. The group shots were taken in front of the main castle house which provided a fantastic backdrop. The reception at the monopterus was also special. The lake was on a couple of metres away and the atmosphere was very relaxed.

The following day I headed down to Thiersee (Hinterthiersee) where the wedding party hiked up to Pendlinghaus at around 1500 metres above sea level.  I managed to catch a lift up with one of the workers from the hut and then proceeded back down to catch up with the wedding couple and take some scenic pictures.

Unfortunately the weather was not 100% however the views were still beautiful and it was not until later in the evening that the light started to play a role and shone in all its glory over the mountains and onto the mountain hut. We were even lucky enough to see a rainbow blessing the Wilderkaiser in the distance.

All in all a very relaxed and happy wedding couple and two beautiful locations for their two day marriage.20140829-LB2A044620140829-LB2A0424

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20140830-IMG_8827    20140830-IMG_8925 20140830-IMG_8970 20140830-IMG_8972 20140830-IMG_9004 20140830-IMG_9006

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  1. Linda Brady

    Absolutely beautiful picture. I love the way the light shines between the couple. Timed perfectly!

  2. Paige V

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen a wedding look so warm and relaxed. You’ve definitely captured how a wedding should be…inviting, full of love; nothing looks forced or commercial. The gardens and landscapes are enchanting! A beautiful couple too. They must be thrilled with these picture perfect memories!

    • patrickfrost

      Thank you so much Paige for the kind words 🙂

  3. patrickfrost

    Thanks Linda, it is all about the timing, especially when it comes to wedding photography!

  4. Brianna

    I love these pictures. They tell as story and capture the beauty and emotion of the day. What gorgeous landscape and sunset

    • patrickfrost

      thanks brianna for the comments. i am glad you like the pictures.

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